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A Good Helper of Industrial Waste Water Treatment: Water Cooling Tower

A Good Helper of Industrial Waste Water Treatment: Water Cooling Tower

Ⅰ. The use of the new energy-saving water cooling tower

What is the use of the new energy-saving water cooling tower? The equipment is mainly used as a cooling facility to cool the high temperature generated during the operation of the equipment. The specific purposes are as follows.

(1) Thermal power plants generally have new energy-saving water cooling tower. When the water is heated, a high-pressure gas is produced to drive a turbine to generate electricity, while the remaining gas needs to be cooled. It works like this: The water on the cooling tower of the power plant is pumped up, and the water is evenly scattered down through the water distributor. Under normal circumstances, the height of water cooling tower is dozens of meters, like a huge chimney, which can pump the air up from below, and the heat is taken away in the process of air and water droplets contact, so as to play the role of cooling water.  

(2) Central air conditioning also has a new energy-saving water cooling tower, which plays a role in cooling circulating liquid.  

(3) There are also professional production of glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower, commonly known as cooling water tower, cold water tower, glass steel tower, water tower. They mainly have new energy-saving cooling tower types including square cooling tower, round cooling tower, cross-flow cooling tower, counter-flow cooling tower, etc

Ⅱ. The role of water cooling tower in industrial wastewater treatment

There are often some residual waste heat in industrial production, which can only continue to work after cooling by certain devices. If the waste heat treatment is ignored, the temperature generated in the mechanical operation will be higher, which will be a big damage to the machine or the internal components. Water cooling tower is a special equipment for the treatment of industrial waste heat, it through the direct contact of water and air to heat exchange, under the action of water cooling tower fan, the lower temperature of the air and the water in the packing start heat exchange in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the water temperature.  

The water cooling tower in daily use process can prevent debris enter into the cooling pipeline system and cooling medium evaporation loss. Using soft water as cooling medium, It doesn't scale, doesn't clog lines, and has fewer failures. Air cooling and spray water evaporation and heat absorption double cooling mode, the cooling medium is completely closed circulation. Its cooling efficiency is high. The device is small in size, occupies little space, and is easy to move and place without building a pool. Automatic intelligent control can automatically change the cooling mode according to the requirements of working conditions, which has simple and reliable operation. It is widely used. And it can directly cool quench liquid, oil, alcohol and other medium that is no corrosion for the heat exchanger. And there is no loss of medium and stable composition. The water cooling tower fan solves the waste heat problem in the industrial production process to ensure efficient and safe production.

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