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Advantages of AUVC Closed Cooling Tower

Advantages of AUVC Closed Cooling Tower

I. Applications of the closed type cooling tower

1. Induction heating and metal smelting equipment, such as high and medium frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency power supply and cooling of electric furnace, induction diathermy furnace, holding furnace, etc.

2. Cooling of circulating water in various reactors and condensers in chemical industry.

3. Cooling of large motors, diesel engines, rectifying equipment, electric welding equipment, hydraulic stations and continuous casting equipment.

4. Metal die-casting mold, injection mold and other large mold cooling.

5. Cooling of industrial solution, such as quenching solution, electroplating solution, etc.

II. Advantages of the closed type cooling tower

1. The fully closed circulation of cooling medium can prevent sundries from entering the cooling pipeline system and the evaporation loss of cooling medium.

2. Soft water is used as the cooling medium, without scaling, blocking the pipeline and less faults.

3. The double cooling mode of air cooling and spray water evaporation and heat absorption is adopted, with high cooling efficiency.

4. The device has the advantages of small volume, small occupied space, convenient movement and placement, and there is no need to build a pool.

5. Automatic intelligent control is adopted, which can automatically change the cooling mode according to the working conditions, and the operation is simple and reliable.

6. It is widely used. The closed type cooling tower can directly cool quenching liquid, oil, alcohol and other media without corrosion to the heat exchanger. The media has no loss and stable composition.

III. Characteristics of AUVC closed type cooling tower

1. Real material. All spare parts of AUVC closed type cooling tower, especially the main materials and equipment, are strictly selected and carefully manufactured without doping. Treat every customer sincerely to ensure the best quality. The continuous and effective operation of the quality management system ensures that customers can get professional quality products and services in the whole process from raw material procurement to installation and commissioning.

2. Strong heat dissipation capacity.

① The design meteorological conditions shall be designed according to the requirements of the national standard of open cooling tower, and the necessary margin shall be considered in the process of design and equipment selection. High standards and strict requirements naturally create superior heat dissipation capacity and adapt to more stringent meteorological environment and working conditions.

② The industry-leading design method and optimized heat exchange model, high-efficiency and low resistance heat exchanger and excellent circulating spray system are adopted to greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency, reduce the floor area and reduce the weight of the cooling tower.

3. Simple operation. The adjustable speed motor can be selected according to the needs to realize energy saving, which can be easily incorporated into the automatic control system and easy to manage.

4. Good environmental protection.

① Comprehensive treatment measures make vibration, noise, floating water and other indicators more in line with environmental protection requirements.

② Special low-noise fan, motor and reducer are adopted, which has high efficiency and low noise. The optimized steel frame of the cooling tower has the advantages of simple structure, stability and reliability, and the operation vibration is controlled in a very low range. The high-efficiency water collector can minimize the floating water loss on the premise of meeting the large air volume, and fully meet the requirements of environmental protection. If the speed regulating motor is selected, the noise can be reduced by 3-5dB (A) at low speed at night.

5. Beautiful and durable. The closed type cooling tower has scientific structural design, excellent production, small land occupation and beautiful appearance. It is especially suitable for all kinds of modern enterprise buildings. All structural parts are made of high-grade stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel plate, with flat and beautiful appearance.

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