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Analysis on the Cause of Insufficient Cooling Efficiency of Air Conditioning Cooling Tower

Analysis on the Cause of Insufficient Cooling Efficiency of Air Conditioning Cooling Tower

People's lives increasingly rely on central air conditioning. However, summer is also a season when central air conditioning is more prone to problems. One of the biggest problems is that the cooling efficiency is insufficient and the air conditioning is not cooling. If the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower is inadequate, it will inevitably affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Aoshuai has many years of experience in the production and analysis of air-conditioning cooling towers. For the commonly used air-conditioning cooling towers, the main reasons for low cooling efficiency are as follows.

Ⅰ. Uneven water distribution in the cooling tower of the air conditioner

For counter-flow cooling towers, nozzles are generally used to distribute water. If the nozzles in the cooling tower are partially blocked, or the nozzles fall off, it will cause uneven water distribution. Regularly checking the water distribution of the nozzle is very important for the cooling tower. What is specifically called uneven water distribution? The cooling tower should ensure that the water sprayed from each place is uniform. Otherwise it is called uneven water distribution. For cross-flow cooling towers, gravity pool water distribution is generally adopted. Some manufacturers install sprinklers at the bottom of the sowing basin, while others only drill small holes. The nozzle inner diameter of the cross-flow cooling tower is small, generally below 20mm, so it is very easy to block. In addition, check the water separator to ensure that the water surface height of each place in the watering basin is the same. If there is no water in some areas and the water is intense in some places, this will cause uneven water distribution. Whether it is a cross-flow tower or a counter-flow tower, uneven water distribution will affect the heat dissipation of the cooling tower.

Ⅱ. Insufficient amount of cooling water for air conditioning cooling tower

Some manufacturers who use cooling towers have experienced that the return water temperature of the cooling tower is very low, but the central air conditioner will alarm for high temperature. After analyzing the reasons, it is concluded that the amount of cooling water is insufficient. This is easy to understand. The host needs 100 cubic meters of water per hour to take away the heat, but only 80 cubic meters of water flows through, the host surely will alarm. Two hundred cubic meters of cooling tower, the water flow is very small, causing the nozzle to have no pressure and the water does not open, so it flows down in a strand and cannot form a film on the packing. Causes the problem of not being able to cool down,

Ⅲ. Insufficient air volume of air conditioning cooling tower

Air-conditioning cooling towers rely on fans to take heat away and discharge them into the atmosphere. If the air volume of the fans is insufficient, it will inevitably lead to the problem of insufficient cooling efficiency. There is a problem to pay attention to. When the wind meter measures the wind speed at the air outlet, the air volume near the wall of the wind tube is large, and there is no wind near the centre hub. This is true for axial fans. At this time, it is necessary to measure several points from the central hub to the wall of the wind tube and then calculate the air volume to be accurate.

Ⅳ. The air conditioning cooling tower is too dirty

Generally, open cooling towers dissipate heat through PVC filler fins, and the water forms a uniform film on the filler to increase the heat exchange area. However, for many cooling towers with relatively long service life, a thick layer of dirt has formed on the packing, and many fillings have been damaged and overlapped together. Water cannot form a film on the surface of the stuffing. Therefore, heat dissipation is affected. Encountered this kind of problem, you have to replace the new packing. The packing of an ordinary open cooling tower is scaled, and the water cannot be washed away. It is even more serious for closed cooling tower. If fouling occurs on the heat exchange coil, the heat exchange effect will be greatly reduced.

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