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Benefits of Using the Industrial Closed Cooling Tower

Benefits of Using the Industrial Closed Cooling Tower

Working Principle Of Industrial Closed Cooling Tower

The industrial closed cooling tower is a tube heat exchanger placed in the tower. Based on the smooth air, the heat exchange between the spray water and the circulating water can ensure the cooling effect. Due to the closed cycle, it is possible to ensure that the water quality will not be affected. It maintains the effective operation of the main equipment and extends the service life. The cooling tower is a device that absorbs heat from a system and releases it into the atmosphere to reduce water temperature. The cooling effect is to use water and air to contract and exchange cold and heat to form steam. The evaporation of steam takes away heat to realize evaporative heat dissipation and convective heat transfer. Radiant heat transfer and other working principles are used to dissipate waste heat formed in industry or in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce water temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system. This equipment is usually barrel-shaped, so it is called the cooling tower.

Advantages Of Industrial Closed Cooling Tower

1. The closed type cooling tower is completely enclosed. There is no pipeline blockage because no dust will enter the cooling pipeline and control system.

2. A soft water circulation system is used in the closed cooling tower, which can avoid pipeline overheating and damage due to scales.

3. Automatic digital control system and automatic hydraulic control system make it energy-saving and environmentally friendly with high efficiency and high precision. And it also makes operation easier.

4. In a completely enclosed space, the cooling medium will not be affected by the external environment. Also, it will not pollute the environment.

5. It can cool media such as brine, oil, alcohol, quenching liquid, brine and chemical liquids. The composition is not affected and the medium will not be lost or leak.

6. The industrial closed cooling tower has air cooling, evaporative heat absorption and dual cooling methods, which have higher cooling efficiency and more energy-saving effects.

7. It occupies a small space, and it is convenient to select the place. Besides, it does not need to excavate a water storage tank, and it is more water-saving and environmentally friendly.

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