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Causes and Solutions of Filling Blockage in Cooling Tower

Causes and Solutions of Filling Blockage in Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from the system and discharge it into the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the water; its cooling is to use water and air flow to exchange heat and cold to generate steam, and the steam volatilizes to take away heat to achieve evaporation. The principle of heat dissipation, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer, etc., to dissipate the waste heat generated in the industry or refrigeration and air conditioning, to reduce the water temperature evaporative heat dissipation device to ensure the normal operation of the system, the device is generally barrel-shaped, so it is called cooling tower.

The cooling tower fill valve plays an important role in the circulating cooling equipment. It is related to the degree of full contact between the cooling water and the air, and it can also be said to directly affect the working efficiency and cooling effect of the cooling tower. If the cooling water used in the tower is not clean, it will easily cause the packing to be blocked or even form scale. Next, Ao Shuai Refrigeration will explain to you in detail - the reasons and solutions after the lower packing is blocked.

Ⅰ. Reasons for blockage of cooling tower packing

1. Since the circulating water of the cooling tower generally uses tap water or groundwater, the hardness of the water is relatively large, the mineral composition is relatively high, and the water temperature of the cooling tower is above normal temperature, so the circulating water will grow with the falling of the filling texture of the cooling tower. Over time, the calcification reaction slowly occurs, and eventually the packing is blocked, which affects the normal use of the cooling tower.

2. The installation site of the cooling tower is generally outdoors, and the surrounding environment is not very good. Sand, soil, fallen leaves and other debris in the atmospheric environment will also be sucked into the cooling tower by the cooling tower fan. With the increase of time, the dust will also be Block the China cooling tower fill.

Ⅱ. Measures to reduce the blockage of cooling tower packing

1. The solution to filling blockage is actually very simple. First, try to use softened water as the main circulating water of the cooling tower. If conditions do not allow, users who use well water or tap water should often add scale removers and algaecides; The energy-saving effect of descaling agent and algaecide cooling tower is more obvious, especially in large and medium-sized cooling towers, which can increase the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower by more than 10%, and the energy saving effect is more than 6%. The cooling tower frame and cooling tower packing The service life is increased by more than 30%.

2. Avoid running the cooling tower at low temperature and reduce the number of starts and stops of the cooling tower. Reduce the operation of the cooling tower under low temperature conditions in winter and avoid the damage of the cooling tower packing due to icing; the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower should try to reduce the number of starts and stops, because the cooling tower packing is a wearing part, as the cooling tower starts and stops for a long time, the packing In a wet and dry state, it is easier to increase the natural aging of the filler. The good effect is that the filler is always in a state of water, so that the service cycle of the cooling tower filler will be greatly increased.

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