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Characteristics of Three Kinds of Closed Type Cooling Towers

Characteristics of Three Kinds of Closed Type Cooling Towers

1. Countercurrent closed type cooling tower

The water is covered in the tower body, the water flows from top to bottom, and the gas flows from top to bottom, and the two are thermally convective with each other. The flow-back cooling tower has good heating characteristics and is divided into three refrigeration sections:

(1) The rotating nozzle is located in the indoor space at the top of the filling material. The temperature in this section is relatively high, so it can still dissipate heat to the gas.

(2) Part of the heat exchanger filled with water and gas.

(3) Fill a part of the indoor space of the sump and sprinkle water, where the cooling water is called "tail effect". The local temperature is likely to drop by 1-2°C.

All in all, the counterflow closed type cooling tower is under the same standard than the diffuse tower, the filling volume is reduced by about 20%, and the cooling efficiency of the counterflow tower heat exchanger is higher in the whole process. The water distribution system is not easy to block, the sprinkler filling material is kept clean, not easy to be embrittled, and the water flow back is small, and it is easy to prevent cold. Several units can be used to form a design scheme. In winter, the required temperature and water flow is appropriate, and each unit operates or completely terminates the operation of the centrifugal fan. Project construction, installation and maintenance are simple and low cost, and it is often used in central air conditioning and industrial production large, medium and small refrigeration cycle systems.

2. Cross flow closed type cooling tower

The water is in the filling material of the closed type cooling tower body. According to the gravity, the water is from top to bottom, and the gas flows into the tower body from the outer level of the closed type cooling tower. Generally used in residential quarters with high noise regulations, it is a refrigeration cycle system tower with more central air conditioning applications.

Advantages: environmental protection and energy saving, low air resistance, and equipped with a low-speed motor, no water seepage noise and dumping noise, so as to facilitate the maintenance of filling materials and water supply equipment. Several substrates can be randomly constructed according to the appearance of the building, and a full tower or multiple tower cooling towers can be set according to the required temperature.

It should be noted that when the amount of the frame heat exchanger is more than 40%, there must be a large filling amount, the filling material is very easy to be brittle, the drain is very easy to be blocked, the cold protection is not good, and the return water flow is large.

3. Naturally ventilated closed type cooling tower without filler

Choose a unique nozzle installed at the top of the closed type cooling tower at the bottom end of the air supply, sprayer rotation without electric motor exhaust and tower exhaust system two methods. When the boiled water is sprayed out according to the internal rotation of the nozzle, the internal swirling flow produces a fine mist, so that the mist is stored, sprayed upwards, and flowed back down twice to refrigerate and embrittlement. The sprayer is well-proportioned, has no hollow, the actual cooling effect is stable, the power consumption is low, the bleaching rate is 0.01%, no filling is required, and the service life is long. Suitable for metallurgical industry, food products, chemical plants, high turbidity, high temperature, anti-corrosion closed type cooling tower.

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