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Comparison of Circulation Modes During Operation of Closed Cooling Tower and Open Cooling Tower

Comparison of Circulation Modes During Operation of Closed Cooling Tower and Open Cooling Tower

Closed type cooling towers and open cooling towers will have various operating standards in the actual operation process, but from the current situation, these two different types of cooling towers will have various differences.

1. Circulation mode of closed type cooling tower during operation

The closed type cooling tower will have some operating principles of its own during the actual operation of the machine, and they are simply two cycles during operation, one is the inner cycle, the other is the outer cycle, without filling materials, the main core part is still the air-conditioning of some copper pipes inside.

(1) Internal circulation: During the process of circulation, the closed type cooling tower is connected with all the target equipment to form a closed circulation system. In the process of cooling the equipment, the heat from more target equipment can be cooled to the cooling unit.

(2) External circulation: While the closed type cooling tower is circulating, the cooling tower itself must also be cooled, and it cannot be in direct contact with the water in the internal circulation, but only through the cold air on the surface of the copper tube in the cooling tower. Heat dissipation, under this cooling method, is automatically controlled according to the setting of the water temperature and the operation of the motor.

The two cycles can run at the same time in spring or summer when the temperature is relatively high, and in autumn and winter, if the cycle temperature is not particularly high in the two seasons, only one inner cycle is needed in most cases.

2. Circulation mode of open cooling tower during operation

While the open cooling tower is cooling, it is also necessary to consider some circulating water spray patterns, and look at the actual situation of their spraying on the glass fiber material, and achieve a heat exchange effect through the contact of water and air.

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