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Comprehensive Assessment of Closed-circuit Cooling Tower Compliance Requirements Starting from Design

Comprehensive Assessment of Closed-circuit Cooling Tower Compliance Requirements Starting from Design

With the wide application of closed-circuit cooling towers in the market, the market demand and production scale of cooling towers continue to expand, and the design types and forms of closed-circuit cooling towers are becoming more and more abundant. According to the actual production conditions and requirements of the closed-circuit cooling tower, combined with the actual cooling environment, the closed-circuit cooling tower that meets the requirements is designed from many aspects.

1. Design requirements of closed cooling tower

(1) The design of the closed cooling tower should ensure the basic technical indicators of the closed cooling tower, with a relatively complete cooling tower structure and reliable design structure. The design structure of each component is reasonable and compact. Design and application have scientific experimental data and theoretical data.

(2) The design size and cooling capacity are in line with on-site applications, and the design structure is suitable for on-site installation and maintenance. Larger cooling towers should be designed with special maintenance channels.

(3) Economical and reasonable. Fluid coolers face manufacturing and operating costs in their design, manufacture and use. The economic cost should be reasonable, the design cost should be high, and the operating cost should be low.

In the design of cooling towers, design requirements are mutually restrictive. For example, in order to increase the strength of a cooling tower, more manufacturing materials are required, which will affect the production cost of the equipment. Therefore, the selection of cooling towers should be comprehensively reviewed according to various design requirements. The design of cooling towers should comply with national design standards, and the products should be standardized. As a professional cooling tower company, we are dedicated to providing you with premium products.

2. Evaluation method of closed cooling tower

(1) According to the evaluation of cooling water temperature, in the initial stage of cooling tower product selection, the cooling temperature is designed according to the amount of cooling water, that is, the outlet temperature T0. During the operation of the cooling tower, the actual cooling tower outlet temperature T1 is compared with the design outlet temperature. If T1 is less than or equal to T0, the cooling performance of the cooling tower reaches or exceeds the design value.

(2) Through the evaluation of the measured cooling water temperature, measure the temperature of the effluent cooling water to obtain the measured water temperature t0. Replace the formula calculated at the time of design and selection with the value of water temperature t0. If the calculated cooling water outlet temperature t1, if the value of T1 is greater than or equal to t0, it indicates the actual cooling effect ratio of the cooling tower. After careful design, this method is the simplest, clearest, and most accurate evaluation method.

(3) Evaluation method of characteristic curve, evaluation formula a=L/L1×100%; L is the cooling water volume corrected according to the design conditions, and L1 is the design cooling water volume. Due to a certain degree of error in the design data, the curve evaluation method requires actual measurement data for calculation. When the value of a is greater than 95%, it indicates that the design temperature of the cooling tower product meets the design requirements. Close to 100% of the requirement, the higher the cooling efficiency.

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