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Configuration and characteristics of closed cooling tower

Configuration and characteristics of closed cooling tower

closed circulare cooling tower1. Fan: special axial flow fan with aluminum alloy blades

2. Dehydrator: corrosion-resistant PVC material, which makes the floating rate of water as low as 0.001%.

3. Spray system: large flow basket type nozzle is adopted to ensure continuous and uniform water distribution on the coil surface.

4. Cooler: the surface cooler is made of copper tube, carbon steel tube (Galvanized), or stainless steel tube. Through a high-pressure test, it can ensure the circulation of fluid with large flow under strong pressure.

5. Air inlet grille: made of corrosion-resistant PVC, double channel design can prevent and reduce the formation of algae in the unit.

6. Unit shell: imported super galvanized sheet is adopted, which is one of the most corrosion-resistant galvanized sheets, and its service life is 3-6 times that of ordinary steel sheets. A stainless steel plate can be used according to the user's requirements.

7. Spray water pump: high-performance brand water pump with large flow, small power, and low noise is adopted.

AFC series counter current cooling tower, as an early product in the market, is used for fluid cooling, especially suitable for medium and low-temperature cooling (40-37-32 ℃), with a simple and compact structure. AFC series counter current cooling tower is a new generation of the heat exchanger, which uses copper tube or steel tube as a heat-conducting element to discharge heat into air through heat exchange between wind and soft water. This machine has high thermal conductivity, it is combined into a multi-layer row tube heat exchanger, forming a high heat flux, so this new type of cooling tower has high efficiency. The cooling tower uses soft water for closed-circuit circulation through a heat exchanger, and the water quality is clean.

AFC series countercurrent tower has the following advantages:

1. High heat exchange efficiency.

2. It covers a small area.

3. Fully closed circulation to ensure the circulating water quality.

4. The consumption of soft water circulation is very small, so there is no need to add another soft water generator, as long as an appropriate amount of soft water (such as distilled water) is added at one time, and then when the water level drops, some soft water can be added.

5. Low operation cost.

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