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Cooling Effect of Square Cooling Tower

Cooling Effect of Square Cooling Tower

1. The principle of the square cooling tower is mainly based on the heat exchanger to complete the cooling

The water in the bottom basin of the cooling tower is transported to the inside of the cooler of the industrial chiller through a centrifugal pump, and then flows to the bottom of the cooling tower again through a series of temperature reductions. The structure of the cooler will be vaporized when the temperature is reduced, and then it will flow back to the inside of the water storage tank for volatilization. At this time, the volatilization must release heat for the purpose of reducing temperature, and then it will be transferred to the heat exchanger by the centrifugal water pump. Such a flowing program flow.

As far as now, the cooling results of the square cooling tower are still good. In daily life, it is mainly to solve the waste heat and organic waste gas caused by the processing plant, and the improvement of the natural environment is also greatly reduced.

2. The overall structural characteristics of the square cooling tower

At the packing level, the square cooling tower is mainly selected from the basic type, low noise type and ultra-low noise type. The effect of the water spray packing is to disperse the boiling water to be refrigerated into shrinking water, so as to increase the total contact area between the water and the gas, so as to improve the compressive strength of the heat exchanger between the water and the gas.

The whole process of refrigerating the temperature sewage of the refrigeration equipment is mainly used in the water-spraying packing, and the raw water and the gas of the water-spraying packing further generate a heat exchanger. The actual effect of its heat dissipation lies in the heat exchanger performance of the water-sprayed packing. If it is some good performance watering fillers, the heat removal capacity will be relatively better. At this stage, the watering fillers all have some characteristics:

(1) The total area improvement index of heat rejection is relatively large.

(2) The water has good spreading performance on the control panel.

(3) The oscillation of water and air over the surface is also relatively large.

Some of the above characteristics can allow the square cooling tower to slowly obtain a large amount of heat removal performance. In order to solve the waste heat and organic waste gas faster, the square cooling tower has a very important effect in daily life, and is also serving everyone's daily life. The natural environment quietly contributes. Therefore, in the whole process of future use, we also need to clear the square cooling tower on time, so that it can promote people's lives faster.

The above is a series of professional knowledge about the square cooling tower. According to the description of our AUVC, it can help you to have a better understanding of the new cooling tower.

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