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Cooling Tower Application

  • Casting & Forging IndustryCasting & Forging IndustryAn electric furnace is a kind of special equipment, which needs a closed cooling tower to reduce temperature.
  • Central Air ConditioningCentral Air ConditioningWith the continuous development of science and technology, cooling towers on the roofs of large buildings, commercial complexes, office buildings, data centers, and hotels are used to cool central air-conditioning.
  • Electronic IndustryElectronic IndustryMost of the cotton mills built in the 1950s directly used groundwater as cooling water for air conditioning and then discharged directly after use.
  • Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical IndustryA cooling tower is a comprehensive product of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid science, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static and dynamic structural mechanics, processing technology, and other disciplines.
  • Textile Industry (chemical fiber, printing, and dyeing)Textile Industry (chemical fiber, printing, and dyeing)Cooling Tower Selection Basis1. The cooling tower equipment is installed outdoors to provide the cooling system of printing machine equipment.
  • Process IndustryProcess IndustryThe cooling capacity of plastic processing machine molding mold is improved, the surface finish of plastic products is high, and the lines and internal stress on the surface of plastic mouth are reduced.
  • Service IndustryService IndustryMechanical equipment common CNC machine tools, grinding machines, machining centers, modular machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tools, spindle lubrication and hydraulic system, transmission cooling, can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool, improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool.
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