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Central Air Conditioning

Cooling Tower In Air Conditioning System

With the continuous development of science and technology, cooling towers on the roofs of large buildings, commercial complexes, office buildings, data centers, and hotels are used to cool central air-conditioning. Many cutting-edge technologies are integrated into cooling towers. Energy-saving, high efficiency, and low noise have become the primary problems of cooling towers. To ensure the efficient operation of the central air conditioning cooling system, we need professional cooling system solutions. From the selection of cooling towers to the later maintenance, every detail creates value for customers.

Central air conditioning cooling tower solutionsCentral air conditioning cooling tower solutions

So why do central air conditioners need the cooling tower? The reason is that there will be a lot of heat in the central air conditioning work. At this time, cooling water is needed to cool the air conditioning unit. The cooling tower is used to cool the water.

When the central air conditioner is running, it will emit a lot of heat, so that the body temperature rises. If the temperature rises too high, the air conditioner will not work normally, so it is necessary to use water to cool the body. The cooling of the main engine of the air conditioner will produce a lot of hot water. If it is completely discharged at one time, it will waste a lot of water resources. The role of the cooling tower is to reduce the temperature of the high-temperature water, so as to achieve the role of recycling and water saving. To sum up, it is necessary to use a cooling tower to cool the condensate water of central air conditioning to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning unit.

Cooling Tower Selection Is A Key Factor

1. If the type selection is not correct and the cooling efficiency is not up to the standard, the main unit of the central air conditioner will give a high-pressure alarm and automatically trip to stop working.

2. One of the most important safety problems of the cooling tower is that the motor adopts an enclosed motor with a protection grade of IP55 and an insulation grade of F, which ensures the reliable operation of the driving system. The unique waterproof bearing design is suitable for the outdoor high temperature and high humidity operation environment of the cooling tower.

Characteristics Of Square Cross Flow Low Noise Cooling Tower

Design features: the square cross flow low noise cooling tower is designed with new technology, with a small splash, low noise, and easy maintenance. The cooling tower components are carefully designed and manufactured, with light structure, easy assembly, strong, and durability. The performance of the cooling tower has been tested, and the refrigeration efficiency is high.

FRP parts: it is made of imported water-resistant resin rain-free alkali-free glass fiber cloth with good wettability, high glue content, and high strength. It is also made of mechanical spray gel coat and cured by heating, which is different from the natural fixed telephone. The surface of the body can reach the mirror surface and has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, so it can not fade all year round.

Plastic parts: PVC, engineering plastics, and anti-ultraviolet agents are used, and stretch molding parts are used, which are durable in sealing, not easy to fade, high in finish, and beautiful in appearance.

Noise control: low-speed large fan in line with domestic low-noise requirements, adopts low-noise motor and automatic tension rack type belt reducer, fan is wide streamline, fan blade is equipped with silencing air duct, to prevent air reverse flow, increase air volume, reduce wind noise, gravity type apron design, water film distribution is uniform, large spacing, not easy to block the structure, the natural fall of gravity dispersion Water system, low pressure, slow water flow, three water uniform, no dripping sound, increase the stagnation time of water flow in the radiator, good heat exchange effect.

Rectangular design: rectangular design, small floor area, with buildings, beautiful shape, large cooling capacity, can be used in parallel, small floor area.

Energy-saving: the square cross flow low-noise cooling tower is a combined design, the main purpose is to flexibly adjust the number of start-up units according to the thermal load of the main engine, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Metal structure parts: the tower body is firm and durable, which is made of high-quality structural steel. After hot-dip galvanizing treatment, the corrosion resistance under hot and humid conditions is improved, and the service life is improved. The inner pull rod is tightened, the inlet louver is installed with fasteners, and the outlet filter screen is made of stainless steel.

Easy maintenance: the square cross flow low-noise cooling tower, due to the combined structure design, can be maintained in the case of a startup, does not affect the normal use of users, cleaning packing is more convenient, good opportunity to use, is to make you more relaxed and convenient.

Central Air Conditioning Cooling Tower Solutions

Shanghai Town God's Temple central air conditioning main matching cooling tower: Shanghai Town God's Temple people flow large, and Shanghai Town God's Temple around the use of central air conditioning host cooling capacity is relatively large, the host load changes, the cooling capacity requirements are changeable, to cope with the complex environment of our cooling tower has a multi-unit design, can be adjusted according to the actual use of the main engine to adjust the number of cooling tower opening. In order to save energy, the square cross flows low noise cooling tower can be used in the central air conditioning around the large business district, with low noise, no impact on the lives of the surrounding residents, sufficient cooling capacity, stable and reliable quality, and trouble-free operation.

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