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Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling Tower Parts

The cooling tower is generally composed of filler (also known as cooling material),water distribution system, ventilation equipment, air distribution device, water drift eliminator, water collecting tank, water inlet and outlet pipes, etc. different combinations of the above structures can be constructed into different types of the cooling tower.

As a mature cooling tower manufacturer, we not only provide different types of cooling towers, but also various cooling tower spare parts. 

You can choose from the following products according to your needs.

Different Types Of Cooling Towers Parts

Features Of Cooling Tower Parts

a. Filler

It is the main component of hot water cooling in the tower, which is called the "gastrointestinal system". The hot water that needs to be cooled is splashed into water droplets or water film many times to increase the contact area and extend the contact time between water and air, so as to promote the heat exchange between hot water and air and cool the water.

b. Water distribution system

The function of the water distribution system is to evenly distribute hot water on the whole packing. Whether the hot water distribution is uniform or not has a great influence on the cooling effect. If the water distribution is not uniform, it will not only directly reduce the cooling effect of water but also cause some cooling water droplets splashing out of the tower and increase the water loss.

c. Ventilation equipment

In the air duct of the upper tower body of the mechanical ventilation cooling tower, a fan driven by a motor (the blower type is set at the lower part) is set, and the fan rotation is used to generate the designed air flow (i.e. air volume), so as to ensure enough air and water for heat exchange and achieve the cooling effect.

d.Air distribution device

The ventilation device includes an air inlet shutter and air duct. The air inlet window can be used for the cooling tower air inlet or another air inlet to block the floating water. Light weight, high strength. It is not easy to age. The function of the air duct is to create good aerodynamic conditions, reduce the ventilation resistance, reduce the return of hot and humid air, and send the hot and humid air from the cooling tower to high altitude.

e. Water drift eliminator

The water drops carried in the wet air outside the tower will be discharged, and the water drift eliminator will be used in the tower to separate the water drops from the air, so as to reduce the loss of water escaping (floating) and the impact on the surrounding environment.

f. Tower body

It refers to the shell of the cooling tower. The mechanical ventilation cooling tower and the air duct type natural ventilation cooling tower are closed, and their function is to support, protect and organize the appropriate air flow; The tower body of the open cooling tower is made open along the tower height to make the air enter the tower naturally.

g. Water collecting tank

It is set at the lower part of the cooling tower (for some small and medium-sized towers, the chassis is set at the lower part, and there is no collecting pool) to collect the cooling water falling from the drenching filler of several towers. The collecting tank has a certain volume, and sometimes it also plays the role of regulating water volume.

h. Water inlet and outlet pipes

The water inlet pipe transmits the hot water to the water distribution system of the cooling tower, and a valve is set on the water inlet pipe to regulate the water flow into the tower. The outlet pipe (the small and medium tower is set under the chassis) sends the cooling water to the water equipment or pool. Under the large tower is a pool without a water outlet. It generally refers to the water pipe that pumps water from the pool to the water equipment. There are also make-up pipes, blowdown pipes, overflow pipes, and vent pipes in the sump.

In addition to the cooling tower accessories mentioned above, we also have other cooling tower components such as baffles, basin,  fins, sand filter, water level sensor, make up water valve, and so on. If you want to know more about our products, you can contact us.

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