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Casting & Forging Industry

Cooling Tower Used In Casting & Forging Industry

An electric furnace is a kind of special equipment, which needs a closed cooling tower to reduce temperature. But it is not known which of many types of cooling towers can meet the operation requirements of electric furnace equipment.

Closed Cooling Tower Used In Electric Furnace

In fact, we don't need to worry about this problem, so the closed cooling tower manufacturer has developed a special closed cooling tower on the electric furnace, and also solved the cooling problem of the electric furnace equipment. Compared with the ordinary cooling tower, does the electric furnace have any special cooling tower?

Closed Cooling Tower Design

In order to meet the special requirements of an electric furnace, the closed cooling tower is designed with high-efficiency heat exchange packing, which not only reduces the ground and operating weight but also greatly increases the heat exchange area. This design helps to improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger and make the equipment lighter. At the same time, the closed cooling tower is designed with wing type FRP high-efficiency fan, which reduces the power of the motor, and a small power motor will save electricity, In addition, the motor can also meet the requirements of low noise and environmental requirements.

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