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Electronic Industry

Cooling Tower Used In Electronic Industry

The main choice of a cooling tower in the electronic industry is to stabilize the internal molecular structure of electronic components in the production line, improve the qualification rate of electronic components, SMT slurry scraping, tin furnace, CIT test, and application in electronic ultrasonic cleaning, effectively prevent the volatilization of expensive cleaning agent and the harm caused by volatilization.

Cooling Solution Case Of Electronic Industry

Our Cooling Tower Solution

1. The cooling tower with low energy consumption and low noise requires high heat exchange efficiency

2. The cooling tower with strong reliability and stable product quality can ensure that the production will not be interrupted and affect the delivery date of production components

3. The type selection of cooling tower is matched with the flow rate and inlet water temperature of customers.

4. Ensure the installation quality of the product, greatly improve the water storage design and effectively prevent the engineering design defects of overflow and evacuation

5. Several sets of connections are connected by a balance pipe and the failure of one cooling tower will not affect the production period.

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