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Cooling Tower Used In Process Industry

Cooling Tower Solutions Of Injection molding machine 1

The cooling capacity of plastic processing machine molding mold is improved, the surface finish of plastic products is high, and the lines and internal stress on the surface of plastic mouth are reduced. In order to improve the qualified rate of products, the following standards should be adopted:

1. Eliminate the dissolving lines, dissolving lines, and silver lines on the surface of products;

2. Completely solve the surface shrinkage of plastic products;

3. Improve the surface cleanliness of the product so that the surface finish can reach the mirror surface;

4. The product doesn't need the follow-up processing of spray paint, and the finished product rate is increased by 20-30%;

5. Thin-wall molding can improve the injection fluidity, improve the strength of product quality, and reduce the injection cycle of thick-wall molding by more than 60%.

Cooling Tower Solutions Of Injection molding machine 2

Cooling Tower Solutions Of Injection Molding Machine

1. The cooling tower suitable for injection molding machines should not be too small to avoid insufficient cooling capacity, just like a small horse pulling a cart.

2. The equipment needs a cooling tower with high stability to avoid the loss of production period caused by the shutdown.

3. There should be a high level of safety guarantee, and the protection level should be IP55, and the insulation level should be above F, so as to ensure safe production.

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