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Correct Cleaning Steps for Industrial Cooling Towers

Correct Cleaning Steps for Industrial Cooling Towers

When the industrial cooling tower is running for a certain period of time, a lot of dust, sand and other debris will fall into the cooling water system, which will reduce the cooling tower's heat dissipation capacity and affect the normal cooling work of the cooling tower water treatment system. We must master the correct cleaning steps:

(1) Before the construction of the industrial cooling tower, the personnel should wear neat personal protective equipment, such as: goggles, respiratory protection device, protective clothing, anti-permeability gloves, etc.

(2) Turn off the cooling tower fan before construction.

(3) Drain the water in the water pan of the cooling tower and clean the water distributor on the tower. The packing is removed, and the cleaning staff enters the industrial cooling tower and repeatedly flushes the packing with a high-pressure water gun to remove surface dirt.

(4) Soak the rinsed filler, add a bactericidal and algaecide to kill biological algae, bacteria and slime.

(5) Manually clean the slag falling off in the industrial tower.

(6) Clean the entire cooling tower with a high-pressure cleaning water gun.

(7) Reinstall the cleaned packing and install the packing.

(8) Restore the cooling tower water treatment system, and clean up the site after the cooling tower is installed.

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