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Factors Affecting Cooling Tower Liquid Temperature and Price

Factors Affecting Cooling Tower Liquid Temperature and Price

1. Factors affecting the liquid temperature of the cooling tower

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it into the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature; its cooling is to use water and air to exchange heat and cold to generate steam, and the volatilization of the steam takes away the heat to achieve evaporation. The principle of heat dissipation, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer, etc., is an evaporative cooling device that dissipates waste heat generated in industry or in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce water temperature to ensure the normal operation of the system.

How much the temperature of the liquid in the cooling tower coil is reduced is a measure of the efficiency of the cooling tower. The factors that affect the temperature of the liquid in the cooling tower coil have become a concern for users. Based on years of practice, the cooling tower motor manufacturer has drawn many important factors Therefore, it provides basic data for the improvement of the tower, and is the focus of improvement of its cooling efficiency. According to the principle of evaporative heat dissipation, as the air volume in the tower increases, the force of the wind on the surface of the coil will increase relatively, the heat dissipation will be accelerated, and the temperature of the fluid in the pipe will decrease, otherwise the temperature of the fluid will increase, so this method is to control the fluid temperature. If the fan uses a single-speed motor, so when the temperature is too high during operation, the exhaust system can be restarted to solve the problem, so that the cooling tower fan at the top of the tower is in normal operation.

The temperature of the cooling fluid in the cooling tower coil is closely related to the heat load and the amount of cooling water. When the flow rate of the cooling fluid in the coil is increased, the temperature of the fluid in the pipe will increase, the flow rate of the fluid will become slower, and the fluid temperature will also decrease, because the velocity of the fluid in the pipe determines the contact time between the fluid and the spray water and air outside the coil. The wet bulb temperature in the local air drops, and the temperature of the cooling fluid also drops, but the temperature of the drop deviates. It takes a certain amount of time to start up and turn at full speed.

2. Factors affecting the price of cooling towers

(1) The types and parameters of cooling towers are complete. Each type of product has different shapes, materials and materials. Depending on the model you choose, the price will naturally be different.

(2) In the production and manufacture of cooling towers, the cooling tower gearbox parts used have the most direct relationship with the cost of the entire equipment. For components with good quality and high price, the price of the entire tower body is also high.

(3) To assess the strength of high-temperature cooling tower manufacturers, this factor needs to be paid attention to and compared in many aspects.

(4) After-sales service, if the manufacturer pays more attention to after-sales service, the cost of after-sales service is directly added to the cost of the cooling tower. Some manufacturers sell products, and some manufacturers sell services. The later services must be in place, which enables long-term cooperation.

(5) Now the transportation cost is also added to the cooling tower price. The longer the shipping distance, the higher the price.

(6) In general, the higher the reputation of the company producing cooling towers, the higher the price.

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