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How Does A Chiller Work With A Cooling Tower?

How Does A Chiller Work With A Cooling Tower?

What Is A Chiller?

A chiller is an industrial accessory used to control temperature by transferring heat from one place to another. The cooling tower works with internal basins and pumps. The chiller works with compressors and two different types of heat exchangers, they are the evaporator heat exchanger and the condenser heat exchanger.

How Does A Chiller Work With A Cooling Tower?

How do a cooling tower and a chiller work together to create a perfect environment for your industrial production process? It depends on whether you choose a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller, which is usually located on the roof or basement of a building. However, a cooling tower is often regarded as a final destination for useless heat, which means that they are usually placed on the roof. When two units are connected, they both work in a vapor absorption cycle, which mainly uses cooling fluid to remove heat from the building. In the condenser system, the chiller cycle works with the evaporator cylinder and finally works with the condenser cylinder. Although the two pipes never meet, the heat continuously flows out of the evaporator until it reaches the condenser. Then the warm water rises to the cooling tower on the roof.

Benefits Of Chiller And Cooling Tower For Your Business

1. Energy saving and cooling

2. Maximize the output

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