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How to Do the Daily Maintenance of Open Cooling Tower

How to Do the Daily Maintenance of Open Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is the essential equipment of the entire central air conditioning cooling water system. As a heat dissipation device, it is responsible for dissipating the heat absorbed by the refrigeration system during the refrigeration cycle. Therefore, the heat dissipation effect of the cooling tower will directly affect the cooling effect of the entire refrigeration system and the amount of power consumption. That is to say. The energy-saving effect is good or bad. Therefore, we should strengthen the cooling tower's maintenance and improve the cooling tower's heat dissipation performance. This is of great significance for improving the safety, stability and energy-saving operation of the entire central air-conditioning unit.

Ⅰ. Improve the water quality standard of the open cooling tower system and keep the water clean

The water source of an open cooling tower is generally taken from tap water and well water. Still, the substances in these two kinds of water mainly contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and dust in the air, and its particles are smaller than 10-6mm. Due to the operation of the cooling fan, the dust in the air interacts with water molecules and enters the cooling tower. When the cooling water is in use, the heat transfer surface of the condenser must not be scaled so as not to affect the heat transfer effect. This is an essential key to the safe operation of the unit. Because the fouling of the heat transfer surface will reduce the cross-sectional area of circulation, increase the resistance of water circulation, form a phenomenon of no effort and waste electric energy.

Ⅱ. Attach importance to maintenance of open cooling towers water storage trays, radiating filters and moving parts

The operating parts of the cooling tower play an important role in the cooling tower's heat dissipation efficiency. The operator should pay attention to and strengthen the role of the cooling tower's heat dissipation operating parts to ensure the efficient operation of the cooling tower.

Ⅲ. Manually control the cooling water flow in parallel open cooling towers

Since the flow rate of the cooling water and the temperature of the return water directly affect the refrigerator's operating conditions and refrigeration efficiency, it is crucial to ensure the flow rate of the cooling water and the temperature of the return water. When the outdoor environment temperature is relatively low and the air is relatively dry, you can stop the cooling tower fan and use the water circulation of multiple towers to achieve the use of natural heat and moisture exchange between air and water. The process is also saving energy.

Ⅳ. Adjust the outlet water temperature of the open cooling tower according to the temperature change

Although a lower cooling tower outlet temperature can reduce the condensing pressure and increase the compression ratio, the temperature should not be very higher. The outlet water temperature of the cooling tower is achieved by the operation of the cooling tower fan motor, and the air supply and air temperature produce convection to the circulating cooling water. This requires the cooling tower fan to consume power to maintain the fan operation. The too low condensing temperature will cause the chiller deterioration of overall performance indicators.

Ⅴ. Take complete measures for the elimination of open cooling towers

During the maintenance and use of regular open cooling towers, the cooling water system is also closely related to preventing Legionella bacteria, which are commonly found in cooling towers of air conditioning systems. They are carried by fine water droplets and dust and fly with the flow of air: diffusion, inhalation from the respiratory tract into the human body, damage to human health. Therefore, after cleaning the dirt on the cooling tower, disinfection of the open cooling tower should be done according to the total water volume of the cooling water system.

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