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How to Maintain the Efficiency of the Enclosed Cooling Tower?

How to Maintain the Efficiency of the Enclosed Cooling Tower?

The closed cooling tower uses water to contact the coil fan, and the cooling purpose is ensured according to the heat conduction of the wall thickness and the calorific value of the cooling steam consumption rate in the fan coil in the subtropical climate. The cooling and cooling circulating water in the closed type cooling tower only conducts gas heat conduction inside the cooling tower, and then touches the coil fan to take away the calorific value of the steam consumption rate in the fan coil, and the moisturizing water supply pipe is properly moisturizing and supplying water.

1. Maintain the working efficiency of the closed type cooling tower: improve the coil fan

Compared with the open loop counter flow cooling tower, the distinctive feature of the closed cooling tower is that the coil fan is improved, and the steel circulates in the steel coil fan without direct contact with water, and heat conduction is conducted according to the wall thickness. In the whole process of actual maintenance, it is necessary to carry out anti-rust treatment, solution treatment or maintenance treatment for anti-corrosion paint or lubricating grease.

Like the actual treatment, after the relevant treatment, there may be a situation that the airtightness of the plastic film may occur. In addition, there are also multi-directional inspections of the reducer and automobile oil. In such cases, multi-directional maintenance can be carried out. Multi-faceted maintenance, maintenance and adjustment of lubricating grease or anti-corrosion paint can have a stronger standard of use.

2. Reasons for the reduction of the working efficiency of the closed type cooling tower

The reasons for the reduced efficiency of closed loop cross flow cooling tower include fouling of the coil fan, damage to heat transfer power, fouling of the fill and fouling of sludge, clogging of the fill, impairing water diffusion and air circulation, fouling of the exhaust window and clogging of flocculation chemicals, impairing air circulation. The stainless steel sink is too much stains and sludge to block the spray pump filter, damage the printer nozzle, and damage the water distribution. These types must be professionally removed by mechanical equipment.

According to the above various factors, anti-corrosion scale agent can be used to remove, add manual removal, and then use initial condensing reverse osmosis scale inhibitor for maintenance to achieve the purpose of high removal efficiency; centrifugal fan belt slack, motor Airtight leakage will damage the power of mechanical equipment. It should be checked in time, and the prefabricated components should be disassembled to maintain high efficiency.

The stains in the refrigeration and cooling circulating water pipes of the closed cooling tower should not be ignored, which not only damages the cooling power, but also continues to damage the power of the upstream, middle and downstream heat exchangers again. production accident.

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