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How to Realize the Energy-saving Operation of Closed Type Cooling Tower

How to Realize the Energy-saving Operation of Closed Type Cooling Tower

At present, the cooling of composite cooling towers can be selected at the same time according to the user's cooling requirements and changes in ambient temperature. In the case of energy-saving water, it has the advantage of saving more energy than traditional heat exchangers. The problems studied here include a closed type cooling tower with a mathematical model of the cooling tower compound, various experiments that summarize the model and formula, and the semi-experiment in the model formula involved, and verify the reliability by simulating related experiments to save energy.

1. Compiler program service for closed type cooling tower

According to the service of running the compiler, the mathematical model of the air cooling of the composite closed type cooling tower is established. At the same time, I learned about the working principle and structure of the closed type cooling tower, and analyzed and compared the performance of the closed type cooling tower with rolled filler and the traditional closed simple closed type cooling tower. Through the existing mathematical models, numerical calculations are used to analyze the relative humidity changes of the air flow and the thermal conductivity of the tube wall. We find the influence on the average temperature of sprayed water and the cooling efficiency of the closed type cooling tower, and the influence of the pipe wall thermal conductivity on the outlet temperature are obtained, and the closed type cooling tower has a certain guiding effect on the optimization design of the closed type cooling tower and the practical application.

2. Combination of test data and analysis of closed type cooling tower

The differential equation of the cooling tower is counter-current, and the amount of electric current and water evaporation in the cooling tower is increased, and the calculation formula of the analytical solution is enhanced. The distribution of water temperature and enthalpy has air along the way. Calculate the equilibrium temperature of the water and air in the closed type cooling tower according to the formula. The calculation of an example shows that the application area of the coil obtained by the enthalpy equation is smaller than negligible without neglecting the amount of evaporated water. A method of combining the test data with the analytical relationship is proposed.

3. Modification plan of closed type cooling tower condenser

By comparing the specific heat of water and air, a transformation plan was proposed to change the condenser into a condenser, and the planning and design of the electrical system of water and civil engineering were rebuilt. An economic analysis was carried out to understand the various factors that affect the heat transfer of the tube bundle coils, to understand the spray water density and tube wall thermal conductivity temperature, as well as various influencing trends, and to obtain the ability of different factors to affect the process.

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