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Installation and commissioning instructions of closed cooling tower circulation system

Installation and commissioning instructions of closed cooling tower circulation system

1. Before installation, the user can read the installation and operation manual, and then according to the cooling schematic diagram, determine the operation cycle relationship between the equipment and the size of the pipeline (Note: it has been marked on the cooling schematic diagram) to purchase the pipeline.

closed cooling tower

2. The distance between the cooling tower (including auxiliary equipment) and the user's equipment should be within the lift range of the main circulating water pump, otherwise, the pressure will not meet the requirements; a certain space around a single cooling tower should be ensured, and the distance between the air outlet and the obstacles should be more than 1.5m, so as to ensure the air inlet and maintenance of the equipment.

closed loop cooling tower

3. After the location of the above cooling tower is determined and the pipeline installation is completed, the electrical control operation shall be carried out, and the motor wiring of the upper fan, spray pump and main circulating pump of the closed cooling tower shall be connected to the electric control cabinet with wires.

4. After the wires are connected, first observe whether the whole circulating pipeline is connected well and whether the motor wiring is correct without omission.

5. After starting the machine, observe whether the temperature control meter displays normally and whether the pressure gauge displays within the predetermined pressure range. When everything is normal, you can.

6. In case of any relevant problems or failures, please refer to the solutions in the following (common failures) or call our after-sales service hotline for consultation. See Part XI for contact information.

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