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Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Installation Position

The user should install cooling tower in a suitable position so that the user can get good cool effect.When we start to install cooling tower,we should pay attention to the following points

(1)  Avoid installing a cooling tower on the fire escape. Users should install a cooling tower on the house roof or air circulation places.

(2)  Cooling towers including round cooling towers and rectangular cooling towers should keep a space and direction from the wall. Make sure the fresh air can enter into the cooling tower well and the wet hot air can’t enter into the building.(See image below)

Installation Guide

Installation Gist

(1)  To keep the foundation level and strong. The cooling tower structure should be horizontal and vertical so that the whole cooling tower smooth-running. (See image below)

installation gist 1

(2)  The outlet pipe should towards the ground and the pump position should below the cooling tower. (See image below)

installation gist 2

(3)User should take a horizontal connection pipe in the water tank when one pump serves more than two sets of the cooling tower. The head lift also should meet process requirements.

(4) Choose suitable pipe according to the cooling tower pipe diameter. Using damping pipe on the connection point.

Foundation Construction Gist

(1)The user shall make a plan on the cooling tower site according to the instruction manual or the foundation drawing of the cooling tower provided by the manufacturer. 

(2) Cement and sand shall be mixed in a certain proportion, and the embedded steel and steel plate shall be embedded. The upper surface of the embedded steel plate and the surface of the cement foundation shall be on the same level, the upper end of the embedded steel shall be welded with the bottom of the steel plate, and the upper surface of the steel plate shall be welded with the cooling tower foot. The cooling tower shall be installed on a tall building, and the bottom of the embedded steel in the foundation shall be connected with the steel bar on the floor.

(3) The height of the foundation of the cooling tower shall not be lower than the size provided by the manufacturer. The foundation can be raised appropriately according to the requirements of environmental ventilation, multi-set combination, and pipe direction. However, the upper surface of the whole foundation of the cooling tower and the upper surface of the steel plate shall be on the same level, and the error shall not be greater than ±2mm. For the same system, the water level must be equal between different towers to prevent water from flowing between towers due to different heights.

(4) If the cooling tower foundation provided by the customer does not meet the dimension requirements or the steel plate is not welded, the installation engineer can suspend the construction.

Accessories Stacking Requirements

The correct placement of the cooling tower components on site is very important to the installation quality, component protection, and personal safety. Specific rules and precautions are as follows:

(1) Accessories placement in a centralized, reasonable and orderly.

(2) Do not pile heavy weight onto fiber parts and prevent deformation.

(3) Film, fiber, glue should be done to prevent rain, fire, and dust measures.

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