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Maintenance Details of Cooling Towers

Maintenance Details of Cooling Towers

Why Is The Cooling Tower Cleaned Regularly?

1. After the cooling tower has been running for a period of time, there will be calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonates in the water. Carbonate is formed when flowing over the heat transfer metal surface.

2. The dissolved oxygen in the cooling water will cause metal corrosion and rust to block the pipes, resulting in a decrease in the heat exchange effect and failure of the cooling tower. It is even necessary to spray cooling water outside the shell.

3. Deposits such as scale will consume energy, which can increase operating costs. At the same time, it will cause corrosion of the inner wall of the tube bundle and shorten the life of the tube bundle.

4. Dust and debris are easily entered into the water circulation cooling system of the cooling tower. A large number of microorganisms and sediments will breed when the cooling water runs in the circulating system, which will seriously reduce the cooling effect and affect normal operation.

5. Impurities in the circulating water will cause filler blockage and affect the equipment performance of the system.

The cooling performance of the cooling tower is related to the safe operation of the equipment. Keeping the cooling channel clean can improve equipment performance and extend its service life. At the same time, it saves energy and ensures the normal and safe operation of the system.

Benefits Of Cleaning Cooling Towers

1. After cleaning the dirt on the cooling tower, it can ensure the cooling effect of the cooling tower and improve the performance of the cooling system.

2. It can protect the cooling filler and extend the service life.

3. It reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

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