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Performance Advantages of Closed Cooling Towers

Performance Advantages of Closed Cooling Towers

Closed type cooling tower, also known as evaporative air cooling tower or closed cooling tower, is a tubular heat exchanger placed in the tower to ensure the cooling effect through air circulation and heat exchange between spray water and circulating water. Closed loop cooling towers are widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, power electronics, machining, air conditioning systems and other industries.

Because the cooling circulating water is a closed circulating system in the pipeline, the closed type cooling tower can not only ensure that the water body is not polluted by the environment, but also maintain the high-efficiency operation of the server and increase the service life. When the outdoor temperature is low, the water sprinkling system software can be terminated to save water. Next, Aoshuai will introduce the performance and advantages of closed type cooling tower.

1. Reliability of closed type cooling tower

The cooling circulating water  generally uses a closed control circuit with softened water, which is not easy to cause dirt at high temperature, and some machine and equipment components will be slowly damaged due to overheating.

2. Water saving of closed type cooling tower

Compared with the traditional open FRP cooling tower, the closed type cooling tower completes the fully closed internal circulation system of cooling circulating water without digging a reservoir, and it is convenient to move.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving of closed type cooling tower

The principle of the frequency converter is used to make the refrigeration system adjust the discharge and spray quantity according to the change of working temperature, control the start and end of the cooling fan and spray system, and complete the environmental protection and energy saving in the whole process of refrigeration.

4. Closed type cooling tower protects ecological environment

According to the fully enclosed circulating system, the cooling circulating water of the circulating system can be maintained from environmental pollution and sustainable use. The closed FRP cooling tower maintains the ambient air because it reduces the volatilization of the sprayer water.

5. Extended service life of closed type cooling tower

The cooling tower adopts high-quality metal component raw materials, which can resist the corrosion of machinery and equipment and increase the service life.

Compared with the cross flow tower, the closed countercurrent cooling tower of Aoshuai refrigeration has more compact structure and larger coil heat dissipation area. It can be combined arbitrarily to meet the requirements of various water volume and temperature difference. As an experienced manufacturer of closed-circuit cooling towers, our products are suitable for conventional refrigeration projects.

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