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Cooling Tower

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What Is A Cooling Tower?

The cooling tower is equipment that uses water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge the cooling tower to the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature.

The principle of the industrial cooling tower is using water and air flow to exchange cold and heat. Then this chilling tower machine will come into being steam, and the steam will take away heat to achieve evaporation and heat dissipation goals.

The cooling tower is the evaporation cooler equipment that can cool the waste heat generated in industry or refrigeration air conditioning.

The appearance of the cooling tower usually is barrel-shaped, so it is called a cooling tower or refrigerator tower.

Different Types Of Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Unit Characteristics

  • Cost-effective Cost-effective

    The cooling tower can drop the water temperature from high water temperature to low temperature very quickly. Compare to water chiller, the cost is much cheaper.

  • Environmental Protection Environmental Protection

    As a professional cooling tower company,  our water treatment saves you a lot of costs while also protecting the environment. The water will not go to the river, it will steadily circular in the cooling tower.

  • Long Service Life Long Service Life

    As a cooling tower manufacturer, we use different materials according to customer needs, such as timber, fiberglass, stainless steel, FRP (fiberglass ), plastic, and so on. Our cooling tower can work for more than 10 years and has a long service life.

Advantages Of Cooling Tower

AUVC can provide various different types of cooling towers according to different situations. Such as most printing and dyeing industry we will recommend an AFK cooling tower with splash fill. The clients can find a suitable type of cooling tower in AUVC.

The cost of the accessories is very easy to find in the cooling tower market. It makes clients have low maintenance costs and got accessories quickly.

AUVC can customize the cooling towers according to clients' requirements, such as add a silence pad, change the mental material, special voltage, better fan blade, etc...

AUVC can provide install video or install photos for the cooling tower and accessories.

 AUVC can offer standard water cooling towers and other products at cheap prices, such as industrial cooling tower fans, filters, condenser water pumps, and so on. 

FAQs of Cooling Tower Systems

Which type of the cooling tower is suitable for the air condition?

Cross flow type cooling tower is suitable for air condition. The advantage of cross-flow cooling tower is low noise. It using a belt reducer to drive the fan.

How to clean the filler?

We recommend users take high pressure water to clean the cooling tower filter. Or using a chemical agent to clean the filler.

How can I do if the sprinkler head is not rotating?

Please adjust spray pipe angle.Let it have little angle,so that the water can push the spray pipe rotating.

What is a cooling tower used for?

The waste heat produced in the process of industrial production or refrigeration process is usually carried away by cooling water. The function of the cooling tower is to exchange the cooling water with the air in the tower so that the waste heat is transmitted to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.

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