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Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

Baldor cooling tower motor does not need gearbox, so the power consumption is reduced, the safety is increased, and the installation and disassembly are convenient.

Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

Installation Of Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

a. After unpacking the cooling tower motor, check whether the accessories and documents are complete, and carefully check whether the motor nameplate data meet the requirements.


b. Whether all parts of the cooling tower motor are in good condition, whether the fasteners are loose, and the motor shaft should be flexible when rotating by hand.


c. Use a 500V megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the motor stator winding and the shell. The resistance value should not be less than 0.5 megohm, otherwise the winding should be dried. The maximum temperature during drying shall not exceed 120 ℃ .


d. After the fan or pulley is installed on the motor shaft extension, tighten the nut or bolt on the shaft extension end to prevent loosening.


e. The motor should be grounded correctly. There is a grounding device in the upper left corner of the junction box, which should be reliably grounded through wires.

Workshop Drawing Of Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

Workshop Drawing

Package Drawing Of Cooling Tower Motor For Baldor

Package Drawing

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