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Big Metal Structure Cross Flow Cooling Tower(AD-HG)

Big Metal Structure Cross Flow Cooling Tower(AD-HG)

Big mental structure cross flow cooling tower is a kind of large-scale water cooling equipment which directly contacts water and air for heat exchange. The steel frame is made of hot-dip galvanizing, which is mainly used in the public engineering system of large industrial enterprises such as chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy, power plant, and so on.

Big Metal Structure Cross Flow Cooling Tower(AD-HG)

Parameter Of Big Metal Structure Cross Flow Cooling Tower


Product features Of Big Mental Structure Cross Flow Cooling Tower

a. Appearance design of the whole tower coordinated with the site

In order to coordinate the appearance of the square tower with the surrounding environment, our open circuit cooling tower will put forward the appearance design scheme of the tower body according to the overall planning requirements of the plant are provided by the owner for the owner's review; at the same time, in order to effectively avoid the residual stains on the tower panel caused by the free drainage mode, and maintain the beauty of the tower body.

b. Nonmetal design

In the design of a cross flow type cooling tower, anti-corrosion performance is an important part of tower quality assurance. The steel structure industrial cooling tower adopts non-metallic design as far as possible, such as packing, nozzle, water collector and water distribution pipe are all plastic materials; the air duct and other parts are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and the suspension parts of the water distribution system are all stainless steel parts, so as to improve the corrosion resistance of tower parts.

c. Environmental design

Ultra-low floating water loss - the square tower adopts the effective arc water collector. The water collection efficiency of the collector is calculated according to the circulating water volume, and the floating water loss can reach below 0.001%, which is only one-tenth of the allowable value of the national standard. The ultra-low floating water has little impact on the surrounding environment while greatly saving water.

Anti splashing of air inlet - in order to effectively reduce the splashing of water from the air inlet to the outside of the tower, the filling beam at the side of the air inlet is treated with tip treatment; in order to prevent the influence of natural wind, the vertical and horizontal partitions are set in the square type cooling tower, so that the phenomenon of water splashing can be completely solved.

d. Humanized design

The steel structure industrial cooling tower is equipped with a maintenance platform at the top of the tower, which will be more convenient for maintenance and repair. Moreover, we will put warning signs on the key parts of the tower to ensure the safety of operators.

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