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Big Metal Structure Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AD-NG)

Big Metal Structure Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AD-NG)

The big metal structure square counter flow cooling tower is large-scale water-cooling equipment in which the water flow falls vertically in the tower and the airflow direction is opposite to the water flow direction. The steel frame is hot-dip galvanized, which is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power, machinery, and other industries of the industrial circulating water system.

Big Metal Structure Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AD-NG)

Parameter Of Big Mental Structure Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower


Counter flow cooling tower

Counterflow film-filled cooling towers are the most commonly specified design by purchasers. Counterflow Film Filled Towers utilize high efficiency PVC film packing, which provides a lower capital cost and often lower assessed operating costs. Suitable for industrial applications where water quality is controlled, counterflow membrane packed towers offer a low-profile, robust design that is easy to maintain, has a long service life, and is simple to operate with little operator attention. A wide range of flow rates and packings are available.


Counter flow cooling tower adopts high-quality hot-dip galvanizing as the frame and glass steel sheet enclosure. The overall structure has been optimized. On the premise of meeting the requirements of user specifications, the beam-column section is small, which has an obvious effect on reducing the wind resistance in the tower and improving the cooling effect of the tower. In view of the fact that the fan is in the low-frequency vibration state in the operation process, adopting the glass steel plate with low vibration transmission can make the structure itself have good overall stiffness, which can effectively resist the influence of vibration in the operation process and the seismic action in the seismic area.

Working Guidelines

In a counter-current cooling tower, air flows in the opposite direction of water flow. The air first enters the open area below the PVC packing and then rises vertically. At the top of the tower there is a pressurized nozzle from which water jets flow down through the PVC packing in the opposite direction to the air flow. Typically, counterflow cooling towers occupy a smaller area than crossflow cooling towers to save space. In addition, counterflow cooling towers are less likely to freeze in cold weather.


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