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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

The main function of drift eliminator in cooling tower is to prevent steam loss. Generally, it is placed above the filler of cooling tower, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of flying water phenomenon, avoid the loss of liquid water, and also avoid the loss of chemicals in circulating water, protect the ecological environment and save water resources. The water collecting efficiency of the drift eliminator is very high, and the air flow in the cooling tower will not be reduced. When the hot and humid air in the tower passes through the eliminator, it can block 75% - 90% of the water and reduce the drift rate to less than 0.001%.

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

Parameter Of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

Module Length (Max)



Module Width  (Max)



Module Height



Flute Height



Sheet Thickness - Before Forming



Sheet Thickness - After  Forming



Max. application temp. (short time) - PVC



Structure & Installation Drawing Of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

Structure & Installation Drawing

Advantages Of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator For Mesan

1. Water removal efficiency and small ventilation resistance.


2. This drift eliminator of cooling tower has enough assembly stiffness, and its geometry should be stable under normal operation conditions, so as to ensure the stable resistance operation effect of the cooling tower water collector.


3. No deformation.


4. The drift eliminator assembly block of the cooling tower has enough rigidity and strength.


5. Simple structure, easy processing, and durable.


6. The utility model has the advantages of water collection efficiency, small air flow resistance, strength, no deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life, good flame retardancy, etc.

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