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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

The cooling tower drift eliminator is designed to reduce a large number of small water droplets drift in the hot and humid air discharged from the cooling tower. The function of the drift eliminator in the cooling tower is to avoid water mist pollution and icing on the surrounding environment, save water and protect the environment.

Key Benefits

- Reduces environmental impact

- Elimination of water droplets

- No water droplets in the system

- Water recycling

- Energy saving

- Increases the amount of water droplets deposited in the collection area

- Very low head loss

- High mechanical resistance due to PVC

-Easy maintenance

- Lightweight panels with intelligent positioning

- Resistant to almost all chemical and biological agents


Types Of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator Performance

a. Water saving and environmental protection - high efficiency of water collection, the loss of water floating rate is less than 0.01, which greatly exceeds the national standard. The service life of the drift eliminator produced by our factory is generally about 20 years.

b. The use cycle is long. The imported carbon black in the drift eliminator sheet has excellent UV resistance, anti-aging and mechanical properties.

c. Temperature change resistance: no dyeing deformation at 85 ℃, no brittle crack at minus 40 ℃.

Application of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

The drift eliminator of cooling tower has been widely used in the mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation cooling tower of domestic thermal power plant, iron and steel plant, petrochemical plant and other industrial departments.

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