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Cooling Tower Fan For ABS

Cooling Tower Fan For ABS

The cooling tower fan is the core of the whole cooling tower, which is to extract the hot air in the cooling tower after heat exchange from the top and guide the low-temperature air to enter from the air inlet of the bottom cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Fan For ABS

Features Of Cooling Tower Fan For ABS

A.ABS is a very hard material.


B.Large chord length, space distortion, uniform wind speed, low noise


C.Modified ABS material


D.The blade installation angle can be changed to improve the efficiency

Installation And Maintenance Of Cooling Tower Fan For ABS

1. Before installation, check whether it is damaged or deformed due to packaging and transportation. If it is damaged or deformed, repair it before installation.


2. Then check whether the parts and screws are loose; whether the cooling tower fan blade and air duct collide or shift; if they collide or shift, they should be adjusted before installation.


3. The cooling fan should be tested after installation, and it can be used online after the fan runs normally.


4. When the fan is placed and reused for a long time, it should be checked and tested. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be used online.


5. After the installation of the fan, the wiring shall be sealed to prevent the leakage of the wiring from causing a short circuit and burning the motor.

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