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Cooling Tower Fan For Liangchi

Cooling Tower Fan For Liangchi

special multi-blade,axial-flow and low-noise fan is running quietly at lower power consumption balanced.

Cooling Tower Fan For Liangchi

Installation Of Cooling Tower Fan For Liangchi

A. When the cooling tower reducer is installed successfully, remove the high cap and screw of the reducer.


B. Wipe the debris and dust on the nut, apply the oil (butter) evenly, wipe the taper hole of the axle, apply the oil, and put the impeller shaft on the axle. Keep the axle balance.


C. Screw on the nut and high cap of the axle to compress the axle.


D. Install cooling tower fan blade on the impeller shaft according to the manufacturer's number and install the blade according to the axle number and scale check number. You can't adjust the position at will. In severe cases, it may resonate with the cooling tower. The blade installation datum should be 650mm from the blade tip, 350mm from the blade installation angle application field, and 20mm in width. The strip with good rigidity should be placed on the front cover of the measuring point of the wind blade to form a quasi plane. When the angle ruler is put up to provide the aerodynamic performance curve, the installation angle can be selected by the user. Then adjust the angle ruler, tighten the bolts and recheck the blade installation angle. The allowable difference of blade installation angle is 0.5 degrees.


E. From top to bottom, the fan impeller rotates clockwise.

Advantage Of Cooling Tower Fan For Liangchi

a.The fan is designed with wide aluminum alloy blades and low noise. It is made of precision casting with reliable strength and smooth surface;


b.Each section is too uniform, without crack, notch, burr and other defects;


c.Before leaving the factory, the fans are tested for dynamic and static balance to ensure the stability in the operation process.

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