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Cooling Tower Fan For Mesan

Cooling Tower Fan For Mesan

Aerodynamic airfoil extruded aluminum fan blades ,are low noise,high efficiency, dynamically balanced,with adjustable pitch blades and self-centering conical hub bushings(tapered-lock),for smooth and quiet operation.

Cooling Tower Fan For Mesan

Function Of Cooling Tower Fan For Mesan

The fan has the most basic effect on the gas flow in the cooling tower. The timely discharge of the vaporized cooling medium in the cooling tower can reduce the temperature in the tower to the maximum extent and ensure the cooling effect of the cooling medium. This is also one of the important conditions that affect the working power of the cooling tower.

Structure Type Of Cooling Tower Fan For Mesan

a. In the mechanical ventilation cooling tower, the air is supplied by the cooling tower fan, and the fan used in the cooling tower is mainly the axial fan. Its characteristics are: large air volume, ventilation pressure about 20 mm H2O, by adjusting the blade angle to change the air volume and wind pressure, resistant to water mist and atmospheric corrosion, long-term continuous operation in outdoor, no fault, low noise, low energy consumption, forward and reverse rotation.


b. Blast fan: when the cooling water is highly corrosive, the blast cooling method is adopted to avoid corrosion of the fan (the blades are made of aluminum alloy and steel). In order not to make the cooling tower too high, the diameter of the blower fan is generally less than 4m, and the distance between the fan and the tower body is usually not less than 2m, so as to prevent the influence of water drops in the cooling tower on the fan

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