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Cooling Tower Fan For Evapco

Cooling Tower Fan For Evapco

Evapco cooling tower fan adopts multi blade axial flow fan blade design, which is made of high-grade aluminum alloy material. After balance correction, it runs stably and quietly with low noise and energy consumption. The blade angle is adjustable, which can adjust the blade angle according to the required air volume to give full play to the exhaust effect.

Cooling Tower Fan For Evapco

How To Repair And Maintain Cooling Tower Fan

A.Once the fan is found to have problems, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

B.Clean up the foreign matters in the front and rear pipes of the fan regularly to prevent accidents. The lubricating grease of the transmission part should be replaced regularly. The fan should have rain proof measures in the open air.

C.In case of change of working conditions, valves should be used to adjust the air volume. 

D.Measure the current of fan motor regularly. Under normal conditions, the measured current should be less than the rated current.

Maintenance Of Cooling Tower Fan For Evapco

A.Anti-corrosion maintenance

The metal cooling tower fan blade is seriously corroded. In order to slow down the corrosion, the impeller should be removed immediately after the shutdown, the corrosion should be completely removed, and the static balance should be checked, and then the antirust paint and phenolic paint should be applied evenly. Practice has proved that the anti-corrosion performance of a layer of epoxy resin with thickness of 0.2mm on the blade is very strong, which can generally last for 2-3 years. After maintenance, install the impeller back to its original position to prevent deformation. However, there is no serious corrosion problem of alloy aluminum and FRP blades.


B.Anti deformation maintenance

During the shutdown period, the large diameter FRP blades are easy to deform, especially in winter snow accumulation. The solution is: after stopping the machine, rotate the blade 90 degrees to make it perpendicular to the ground. If the blade is disassembled and stored, it should be divided into a single piece and placed horizontally. It should be supported at two or more points and should not be stacked.

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