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Cooling Tower Fan

Cooling Tower Fan

The cooling tower fan is located at the top of the cooling tower, which is directly connected with the motor or indirectly connected with the gearbox and pulley. The fan draws the hot air in the cooling tower after heat exchange from the top and guides the low-temperature air to enter from the air inlet of the bottom cooling tower.

As a professional cooling tower manufacturer, we also provide plastic or FRP (fiberglass) cooling tower fans or fan blades at good prices. You can surely pick out what you need from the different types of industrial cooling tower fans below.

Types Of Cooling Tower Fan

Cooling Tower Fan Series

ABS (engineering plastic) cooling tower blades, aluminum alloy cooling tower blades, FRP cooling tower blades, stainless steel cooling tower blades, etc.

Cooling Tower Fan Features

The industrial cooling tower fan has the characteristics of uniform wind speed, low noise, stable operation, low energy consumption, and environmental protection.

Installation and Maintenance of Cooling Fan

a. Before installing the cooling tower fan, carefully check whether the fan is deformed due to transportation damage, otherwise it should be repaired before installation

b. Check whether the cooling tower wind blade collides with the cooling tower wind tube shell, and whether the support foot is firm

c. Before starting the cooling tower fan, check whether the fan has any objects that hinder the rotation and whether the installation angles of the four blades are consistent

d. During the operation of cooling tower fan, check whether there is serious noise and whether the hot air is discharged to the outside

e. After the cooling tower fan installation is completed, the wiring shall be closed and sealed to prevent the leakage of wiring from causing short circuit and burning the motor

f. When the cooling tower fan is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a dry place to avoid damage.

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