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Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

The kuken cooling tower filling is the key part of the cooling tower. The process of gas and water heat exchange in the tower is mainly completed in the drenching filling, so the thermodynamic and resistance characteristics of the drenching filling are the main factors affecting the cooling effect of the cooling tower. The contact between the filler sheets is abnormally protruding, and the assembly block is formed by bonding two adjacent contact sheets. The lamellae are vertical, parallel and distributed in layers. The distance between the plates is determined by the height of the bonding protrusion, and the vertical channel is larger.

Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

Parameter Of Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

Module Length



Module Width



Module Depth


Flute Height



Flute Corrugation Angle


Surface Area



Sheet Thickness - Before Forming



Sheet Thickness - After  Forming



Max. application temp. (short time) - PVC



Max.operating temp. (short time) - High temp.



Structure & Installation Drawing Of Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

Structure & Installation Drawing

Delivery Of Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken


The Advantages Of Cooling Tower Filling For Kuken

The cooling area of the cooling tower filling is effectively used; No deformation; Not broken; System water quality is good; High strength; Low noise and low floating water; Long life; No moss breeding, because of the three-dimensional characteristics of the honeycomb air inlet, so that most of the sunlight can not penetrate the tower body packing surface, so the packing surface is difficult to grow moss.

Harm Of Irregular Replacement Of Cooling Tower Filling

The filling of the cooling tower is a big hotbed for microbe, and the breeding speed is very fast. After sterilization and algae killing, the micro organism body will accumulate in the system. Moreover, PVC is a degradable plastic, and the combination of PVC monomer and biological corpse produces sludge which is easy to settle on the surface of heat exchanger. Its heat resistance capacity is higher than that of hard scale, and the thermal efficiency of the system is very low. During the annual overhaul, the desilting work is very big, and it is not easy to construct. Sometimes, chemical sedimentation is used, which will cause high cost, great damage to the equipment and shorten the service life of the equipment. Due to the poor cooling effect of the tower and the heat load of the production unit, it is necessary to increase the circulating water volume to take away the heat of the system, the energy consumption of the water pump and fan increases correspondingly, the packing is aging, brittle and deformed seriously, and the packing debris blocks the water pump and heat exchanger seriously, which seriously affects the continuous operation of the production.

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