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Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Description Of Cooling Tower Filling For Marley


Adaptive temperature:-20℃-60℃




Marley filling is an important auxiliary tool for cooling water in cooling tower. The main purpose of filling is to increase the contact area between water and air in order to reduce the water temperature. Marley filling has large spacing and light weight per unit volume, which can prevent contamination blockage.

Parameter Of Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Module Length (Max)



Module Width



Module Depth


Flute Height



Flute Corrugation Angle


Surface Area



Sheet Thickness - Before Forming



Sheet Thickness - After  Forming



Max. application temp. (short time) - PVC



Max.operating temp. (short time) - High temp.



Structure & Installation Drawing Of Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Structure & Installation Drawing

Advantages of Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Marley cooling tower filling cooling water evaporation is very small, cooling water updates quickly, heat dissipation area is large, not easy to crack, not fade, not easy to deformation, not conducive to the reproduction of harmful bacteria, corrosion resistance, excellent flame retardant, strong UV resistance, long service life.

Cleaning Method For Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

One is to clean the scale and slag in the cooling tower first, then wash the filling repeatedly with high-pressure water gun to remove the sludge scale and other impurities, and then dissolve the safe and efficient detergent with hot water of about 50 degrees, and then wash the filling repeatedly with the flushing pump until the scale is washed clean. At the same time, add the sterilization agent to kill the biological algae and bacteria.


One is to build a large pool with plastic cloth temporarily, take the cleaning agent into the clean water, remove the filling from the cooling tower and put it into the medicine pool for soaking, wash the soaked filling with clean water and then put it back into the cooling tower, put the cloth with agent on the water replenisher of the cooling tower, soak and dredge the mouth of the water replenisher, and remove the scale on the cooling tower chassis in the same way Wash the filling and tower body with clean water.

Product Packaging Of Cooling Tower Filling For Marley

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

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