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Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle

Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle

Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle

Description Of Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle



Adaptive Temperature:-20℃-60℃


Standard:1000mm*850mm;1000mm*1000mm,Other size can be customized.





Parameter Of Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle





Interplate wave height


Film thickness


Drenching height


Drenching width


Tensile strength

Portrait:47.0MPa  transverse:42.0MPa

Flame retardant index


Adapt to temperature difference


For brands


Advantage Of Cooling Tower Filling for Nihon Spindle

A、The high cooling efficiency of the cooling tower filling is thin film type, and the raised fine ripple makes the water contact surface larger. The filling is placed in 2-5 layers, and there is a redistribution process of hot water between layers.


B、 The surface with good hydrophilicity and small ventilation resistance is rough and smooth, and the water absorption is less than 0.015%. More water flows form films without splashing, which makes water and air contact more fully and makes the surface disturbance of water and air in the flow. After filling assembly, the air inlet surface is a honeycomb type deflector, which has good air distribution effect, and improves and stabilizes the heat exchange strength of water and gas. The angle of 30 ° of the inlet end is inclined, which effectively reduces the loss of drift water. A water collector designed by the impact separation method is set at the end of the filling, which can effectively control the loss of the drift water within one hundredth.

Packing Method Of Cooling Tower Filling For Nihon Spindle

Packing Method

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