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Cooling Tower Float Ball For Mesan

Cooling Tower Float Ball For Mesan

The ball valve is a sphere,the material is ABS plastic, one section of which is fixed on the wall of the pool of the cooling tower and connected with a sliding screw. The ball valve can float up and down according to the height of the water surface. The outer end of the ball valve is the make-up water interface, which is connected with the make-up water pipe. When the cooling water in the cooling tower pool is reduced, the ball valve will sink, and the ball valve set at the make-up water interface will connect with the make-up water pipe. The larger the sinking angle of the ball valve, the larger the make-up water opening. This is in the lack of water, the ball valve will control the make-up switch to make up water automatically. The make-up water interface is usually set at the upper part of the bottom pool.

Cooling Tower Float Ball For Mesan

Characteristics Of Cooling Tower Float Ball For Mesan

a、Large water flow, high efficiency, less splash.

b、Easy installation and flexible adjustment. It can be installed and adjusted at any angle.

c、Corrosion resistance, wide adaptability. It is widely used in different medium containers in the fields of solar energy, cooling tower, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, chemical industry and so on, and has wider adaptability than traditional metal ball valves.

d、Price advantage. No need to install elbow, direct cost saving, the purchase cost is lower than copper and other metal-related products.

e、It is reliable and durable. Cooling tower float ball for mesan effectively avoids the traditional metal valve stem and other materials from being corroded and rotten in the liquid medium, thus causing secondary pollution to the medium and can not be used. Instead, it is made of special engineering plastics and seals, so that the product is sensitive, reliable, and excellent in performance.

f、Environmental advantages. No matter in the production process or in the process of using raw materials, the consumption of social resources is more environmentally friendly than the traditional metal products, which adapts to the trend of social sustainable development.

Detail Of Cooling Tower Float Ball For Mesan

Detail Of Cooling Tower ABS Float Ball Valve

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