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Cooling Tower Gearbox For Paharpur

Cooling Tower Gearbox For Paharpur

The gears of the Paharpur series 20t gear reducers are made of high strength steel and are used in smaller industrial cooling towers with 95% high mechanical efficiency.

Cooling Tower Gearbox For Paharpur

When Installing The Cooling Tower Gearbox For Paharpur, The Following Standards Should Be Met:

a. The error of the alignment of the accurate transmission center axis should not exceed the compensation amount of the coupling used in the reducer. The smaller the error, the longer the service life of the reducer and the smaller the failure rate!


b. Don't install the cooling tower gearbox roughly to protect the internal parts of the reducer from damage. Gear reducer belongs to precision machinery, rough installation of parts damage or displacement, will affect the stability of work.


c. Generally speaking, we should install the reducer on a horizontal foundation or base. At the same time, the oil in the oil drain groove should be able to be removed, and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. If the reducer is not fixed well and the foundation is not reliable, it will cause vibration and other phenomena, and also cause unnecessary damage to the bearing and gear.


d. The reducer should be put into trial operation before use, and the trial operation time should not be less than two hours, so as to ensure that there is no abnormal sound, no peculiar smell, and the efficiency is normal and stable.

Package Drawing Of Cooling Tower Gearbox For Paharpur

Package Drawing

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