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Cooling Tower Gearbox

Cooling Tower Gearbox

Cooling Tower Gearbox

The gear reducer is designed as a kind of reduction equipment of a cooling tower, which is generally used for transmission equipment with low speed and large torque. It uses all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. The gear is made of high strength low carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching, and it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing, dyeing, pharmaceutical, and other fields.


Low noise emission due to torsionally rigid housing

Variable output bearing sizes for different ventilator types (depending on the ventilation track)

Highest operational reliability due to one-piece housing, reinforced bearings and centrifugal disk on the ventilator shaft

Additional cooling by means of a fan cooler on the input shaft

Long service life due to optimized gearbox selection and use of high-grade materials

Complete drive system from a single source

As one of the professional cooling tower spare parts suppliers and cooling tower gearbox manufacturer, we provide different types of cooling tower parts, such as gearboxes. You can select what you need from the different types of cooling tower gearbox below.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Types

Precautions for Cooling Tower Gearbox Assembly

a. Before installation of the cooling tower fan gearbox, check whether the matching of the reducer and fan meets the design requirements. Generally, the reducer should be hoisted as a whole. If it is hoisted separately, attention should be paid to that the steel ball in the taper hole of the main shaft should not be missed or displaced, otherwise the parts will be damaged.

b. Generally, 10-15mm thick rubber pad should be added between the reducer and mounting frame to reduce vibration.

c. After installation of the cooling tower fan gearbox, check that the clearance between the fan blade and the tower body should be uniform, and the reducer should be turned by hand. The fan should rotate flexibly without clamping, otherwise, it cannot be powered on.

d. Oil must be added before operating the cooling tower gearbox, special gear oil should be added. When adding oil, it should be introduced from the oil pipe. After adding oil, the oil level should reach the middle line, and then the oil needle should be tightly covered. The cooling tower gearbox is equipped with an oil mark, oil filling and discharging pipeline and ball valve, which can check the oil level without stopping the machine and refuel in time.

The Gear Reducer of Cooling Tower Has the Following Characteristics

a. High transmission efficiency, energy saving: planetary transmission principle design, and high manufacturing accuracy, transmission efficiency of more than 97%.

b. Low noise: high gear grinding accuracy: the internal design of the reducer has noise isolation structure, so that the noise of the reducer can be controlled to meet the needs of low noise cooling tower.

c. Beautiful appearance and small volume: the motor and reducer are driven by the whole coaxial line, with beautiful appearance. The structure design is compact.

d. Good sealing performance and stable performance: different sealing methods are adopted to make the lubricating oil not easy to leak. The gear is made of alloy steel with large bearing capacity and good stability.

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