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Cooling Tower Motor For King Sun

Cooling Tower Motor For King Sun

Kingsun cooling tower motor standard design adopts fully enclosed outdoor cooling tower special motor, with protection grade of IP55 and insulation grade of F. it can operate continuously for a long time in hot and humid environment, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, long service life and high stability, and is suitable for different voltages.

Cooling Tower Motor For King Sun

Advantage Of Cooling Tower Motor For KingSun

Kingsun cooling tower motor has better dustproof and waterproof performance, adopts patented winding method and special bearing, with higher precision. International uniform IEC size, 100% interchangeability, easy installation, sealing structure, dust-proof, waterproof drops and oil foam, high efficiency cooling structure, reduce wind loss, save energy, adopt special die-casting aluminum rotor, large starting torque, small inertia, save starting and stopping time. Small vibration and low noise.

Application Scope Of Cooling Tower Motor For Kingsun

Widely used in various industrial production lines, transportation machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, office equipment, environmental protection equipment, instrumentation, electronic equipment and other fields

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