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Cooling Tower Motor For Marley

Cooling Tower Motor For Marley

motor offered are TEEC type,designed for cooling tower application.Specially insulated for extra protection from moisture.

Cooling Tower Motor For Marley

Product Parameter Of Cooling Tower Motor For Marley

Height of stand center


Nominal voltage


Power range


Rated frequency

50HZ(or 60HZ)

Level of protection

IP54(or IP55)

Insulation grade

F class

Working System


How To Install The Marley Motor Correctly

a. The cooling tower direct drive motor needs to be installed on a stable base, and the cold air circulation is smooth, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the motor. If the motor is not installed smoothly, it will cause internal parts vibration and damage.


b. The axis of the motor drive center should be aligned, which should not exceed the allowable error range, so as to obtain the ideal transmission efficiency.


c. When installing the transmission parts, use bolts to press in, do not knock, so as to avoid damage to the motor accessories. Similarly, when dismantling the motor, it is not allowed to knock at will, which must be paid attention to.


d. Check after installation: after the motor is installed, check the oil level and vent plug one by one. The loose connector should be pressed tightly, and the trial operation can be started only after it is confirmed that there is no error.

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