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Cooling Tower Motor

Cooling Tower Motor

Cooling Tower Motors

Cooling tower motor is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection improved motor, with protection grade of IP55, insulation grade of B, and power supply voltage of 380V and 50Hz. Generally, a closed waterproof motor is used in the cooling tower, which can operate for a long time in outdoor humid and high temperature environments. The cooling tower motor material is cast iron and aluminum shell.

As a professional industrial cooling towers LLC, we also provide direct drive fan motors at good prices. You can select what you need from the different types of cooling tower motors below.

Types Of Cooling Tower Motor

Advantages of Cooling Tower Motor

a. Cooling tower motor has soft start function. The cooling tower motor adopts professional soft start inverter, which reduces the influence of starting current on the frequency of cooling tower motor and prolongs the service life of cooling tower motor.

b. More energy efficient. The overall design of the cooling tower motor is optimized, and the high-quality copper wire winding and silicon steel plate are selected to reduce various losses of the cooling tower motor, and improve the working efficiency and service life of the cooling tower motor.

c. Be able to adapt to frequent speed changes in different situations. The cooling tower motor improves the efficiency coefficient, load rate and loss rate.

d. The cooling tower motor uses electromagnetic design to reduce the resistance of the motor stator and rotor. Its electromagnetic design makes it improve work efficiency, reduce the motor low wear and noise advantages.

Service Conditions of Cooling Tower Motor

A. Power Supply Voltage:380V,50HZ

B. Altitude: no more than 1000m

C. Ambient temperature:-10℃~45℃

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