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Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

Cooling Tower Spray Nozzles

The nozzle of cooling tower is the component of water distribution in the cooling tower, which is made of ABS by one-time injection molding. Socket connection, firm connection, easy disassembly, not easy to block, nozzle water distribution is uniform, using cross water distribution method, hot water evenly distributed to the top of packing, can achieve full heat dissipation effect, can be widely used in circular and square counter flow tower.

As a professional cooling tower spray nozzle manufacturer, we offer different types of water distribution spray nozzles for cooling towers. You can choose what you need from the following products.


Cooling tower nozzles direct the hot water in need of cooling to the tower fill. These provide the water sprays to wet the fill. Uniform water distribution at the top of the fill is essential to achieve proper wetting of the entire fill surface. Nozzles can either be fixed in place and have either round or square spray patterns, or can be part of a rotating assembly as found in some circular cross-section towers. Cooling tower nozzles disperse water across the heat exchanger. They are usually made of PVC, glass or ceramic. Some nozzles are high-temperature resistant and have a non-clogging design. Cooling tower nozzles come in both cross flow and counter flow designs.



Low Pressure Design

Operational Adaptability

Efficient Performance

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Unique Solid Cone Spray Ensures Consistent Distribution

Easy Installation & Very Reliable

Evenly Distributes Water

Comes In Both Spray And Target, With Or Without Grommets

Types Of Cooling Tower Spray Nozzles

Advantage of Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

High strength, light weight, low water pressure, low spray height, uniform water distribution, good splash effect, convenient installation and maintenance, adjustable water volume, good heat dissipation effect, especially suitable for cooling water. Even water distribution, low working pressure (nozzle outlet working pressure is only 0.6mH2O), large pressure range, not easy to block. Because of its special designed locking and anti loosing device, it can be firmly connected with the water distribution pipe without falling off, which can ensure the long-term safe operation of the water distribution system. Under normal use conditions, the service life of the nozzle is 20 years.

Working Principle of Cooling Tower Nozzle

When the hot water flows through the spray nozzle, the swirling flow is generated under the action of the swirling plate in the nozzle, and the hot water is sprayed upward, and after the heat exchange with the air, the cold water falls into the pool, and the hot air is discharged into the atmosphere by the tower top duct after water removal by the water collector. It rotates in the cavity and rotates downward to eject from the lower nozzle. After the water is ejected, it forms an umbrella shaped rotating water body, impacts the splash strip and splash blade, and splashes into evenly distributed mist like small water droplets, falling to the top surface of the filler.

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