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Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head For Kingsun

Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head For Kingsun

The sprinkler head of Kingsun cooling tower is equipped with stainless steel ball bearing, which has the advantages of flexible and reliable operation, low water head and even water distribution. The sprinkler head is made of aluminum alloy or glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the water collecting plate is installed on the pipe to overcome the phenomenon of floating water. According to the material, the sprinkler head of cooling tower can be divided into water distributor, aluminum alloy water distributor and nylon water distributor

Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head For Kingsun

Characteristics Of Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head For Kingsun

A.Low water supply pressure, energy saving.

B.Water distribution uniformity is good. 

C.The water distribution pipe is equipped with a water baffle, which can promote the water distribution uniformity and eliminate the floating water. The swivel part of the water distributor is made of copper alloy, with compact structure, high strength and no corrosion. After practical test, the water distributor has low failure and stable performance.

Installation Points Of Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head For Kingsun

a. When installing a cooling tower sprinkler head, it is better to check the outside of the tower than to arrange the cooling tower sprinkler head and cooling tower water distribution pipe. Check whether the bearing and diameter of the sprinkler head of the cooling tower are consistent with the diameter of the cooling tower inlet.


b. Wipe the cooling tower water inlet clean and grind it. (here is the necessary step for cooling tower maintenance)


c. Lift the cooling tower distributor into the tower and level the distributor at the water inlet. It is necessary to pay attention to the board laying on the packing of cooling tower during construction to avoid damage to the filler. Then tighten the water inlet and sprinkler head with nuts, and make them diagonal. Prevent imbalance of sprinkler head.


d. Find the level gauge you brought in advance and place it on the sprinkler head. Adjust the sprinkler head according to the horizontal ruler until the balance position.


e.Then install the water distribution pipe in turn, and the water distribution pipe shall present a 30 ° angle with the filler plane of the cooling tower. And the spray direction of each water distribution pipe should be consistent.


f. After installation, manually wave the water distribution pipe. Check whether the rotation is normal and whether there is friction tower.


g. Clean up debris and tools.

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