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Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head

Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head

The cooling tower sprinkler head is a special water distributor for small and medium-sized round counter flow cooling tower. Through the small holes on the water distribution pipe, the water is evenly spread on the filler, increasing the water vapor contact interface, so that part of the water vaporizes and takes away heat, thus reducing the water temperature.

Types Of Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head

Material of Cooling Tower Sprinkler Head

ABS, nylon, nylon copper, aluminum alloy.

Maintenance Points of Sprinkler Head in Cooling Tower

a. When installing the sprinkler for cooling tower, check outside the tower first, and arrange the sprinkler head and water distribution pipe of cooling tower. Check whether the bearing and diameter of sprinkler head of cooling tower are consistent with the diameter of water inlet of cooling tower.

b. Clean the water inlet of cooling tower and grind it. (here are the necessary steps for cooling tower maintenance)

c. Lift the sprinkler head of the cooling tower into the tower and then place the sprinkler head on the water inlet smoothly. Here we should pay attention to the construction of the cooling tower filler to lay wood, so as not to damage the filler. Then tighten the water inlet and sprinkler head with nuts, diagonally. Prevent the sprinkler head from imbalance.

d. Find the level ruler you brought in advance and put it on the sprinkler head. Adjust the sprinkler head according to the level to the balance position.

e. Then install the water distribution pipe in turn, and the water distribution pipe shall present a 30°angle with the packing plane of the cooling tower. And the spray direction of each water distribution pipe should be consistent.

f. After the installation, manually wave the water distribution pipe. Check whether the rotation is normal and whether there is friction on the tower body.

Characteristics of Sprinkler Head in Cooling Tower

a. Durable

The sprinkler for cooling tower is corrosion resistant, high-strength, water and gas resistant, beautiful and durable, and it does not need maintenance for 3 years.

b. Low outlet pressure

The working pressure at the outlet of the nozzle is only 0.6mh2o, which has a large pressure adaptation range, low cost and stable quality.

c. Safe and reliable

If the nozzle of the cooling tower is damaged for various reasons, the cooling tower sprinkler head can be replaced in time, shorten the time of system recovery and alert state, so as to be safe and reliable in use.

d. Anti clogging

The spray head of cooling tower is easy to clean, makes the water distribution even and not easy to block, which is conducive to improve the cooling effect of cooling tower.

e. Easy to maintain

The nozzle of the cooling tower is very small, which is easy to block, which causes uneven water distribution and convenient maintenance.

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