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Cooling Tower Fan For BAC

Cooling Tower Fan For BAC

The cooling tower fan is a standard axial flow fan, which adopts solid aluminum structure, corrosion resistance, small vibration and low noise. It is suitable for cooling tower and large evaporative condenser and other equipment.

Cooling Tower Fan For BAC

Maintenance Method Of Cooling Tower Fan For BAC

a. In case of abnormal sound, serious heating of the motor, electrification of the shell, tripping of the switch and failure to start during the operation of the industrial cooling tower fan, the fan shall be shut down immediately for an inspection.


b. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance during the operation of the fan. After the maintenance, the fan shall be put into trial operation for about five minutes, and the fan shall be started again after confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon.


c. The fan should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from getting damp. When the fan is stored in the open air, there should be defensive measures.


d. In the process of storage and handling, the fan should be prevented from bumping to avoid damage to the fan.


e. The use environment should always be kept clean, the surface of the fan should be kept clean, the air inlet and outlet should be free of debris, and the dust and other debris in the fan and pipe should be removed regularly.

Package Drawing Of Cooling Tower Fan For BAC

Package Drawing

Package Drawing

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